Why Indian Art Forms?

Art has been an integral part our civilization. Repetitive geometrical patterns, nature of brush strokes, colours used and the focus required to create a painting can induce a state of relaxation, very similar to meditation or mindfulness practices. In addition to these, traditional arts teach us how to tell stories, bond with nature and use our imagination to create our own expressions.

On the auspicious day of ‘Gudhi Padwa’ of 2023, we have changed the name of our venture from ‘Saaz decor’ to ‘Ray by Renu’ with the tag line ‘Pause. Create. Connect.’ We ask you take a PAUSE, give us a few hours of your life to CREATE something through our workshops. We guarantee that this ‘me’ time will surely help you to CONNECT with yourself.

I am Renuka Patil,

Art educator and Art therapy facilitator.

Art has always been a driving force for me since childhood. I enjoyed working with various mediums of art and craft. Creativity has been an integral part of my persona. Motherhood gave me the time and opportunity to explore more and learn more about our traditional art forms. My passion for art made me leave my successful career in advertising, which I had joined after finishing PGDBM in marketing. I spent a few initial years learning different traditional Indian art forms from experts in those fields. Then I started sharing my knowledge through Art workshops. I have been hosting Indian Folk and Tribal art workshops since 2018. I have conducted more than 60 workshops and trained 500 people of different age groups. Then I started my own venture ‘Saaz Décor’ in 2017 for home decor products based on Indian art forms.

Year 2020, gave us the concept ‘new normal’. However, for many, it also gifted depression, anxiety, mental health issues. In this era of rat race, we are so busy trying to balance our personal and professional duties that we miss our connect with ourselves. This eventually leads to stress. For the past few months, I was working on aligning my knowledge, my workshops on the Indian art forms to address the mental health issues. I completed Diploma in Art Therapy in 2022. Then I designed ‘Art for Mindfulness’ workshops. Through my art sessions, I help people in discovering and expressing their emotions in a creative and meditative manner.


Art Workshops

Art plays a very important role in giving peace and comfort to a stressed mind. We use Indian art that facilitates one to de-stress and` re-connect with oneself.

Art & Decor

We design murals and home decor accessories. We work on commissioned art projects. We bring new perspectives to urban homes using traditional Indian art.

DIY Art Kits

We offer relaxing art-sets and screen free activity boxes that keep children and even adults engaged and entertained. It helps in developing focus and improves motor and visual skills.